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30/1 2016 “Purple Cloud”

“Purple Cloud” is a new single by Andrea Pinto, Italian singer/songwriter who lives currently in Lviv, Ukraine. As all the songs by the musician that’s a philosophical one, beautiful and melodic rock ballade with a deep meaningful lyrics See more

19/3 2015 Young talent from Glasgow – newcomer at the dark rock scene not to be missed!

Just imagine... A schoolboy starts his musical way as a little kid in fact, and now being 16 he’s got a lot of his own stuff created, some experience at different bands including his own one

6/3 2015 Talented newcomer from Glasgow Kieran Robertson is ready to release his first single

The young musician from Glasgow, Kieran Robertson, 16, managed by Mordhorst - Music & Management (Germany), just recorded his first single and video in Berlin See More

18/2 2015 “My Way” – new Vlad In Tears video for amazing Frank Sinatra metal cover

Vlad In Tears - Italian/German dark-gothic rock band from Berlin - released their new music video “My Way”, the third one from their new self-titled album “Vlad In Tears”           See More

15/2 2015 Brand new album by Matthau Mikojan "Her Foreign Language" to be out on March 27, 2015

Matthau Mikojan:
In 2012 I was for the first time since my teens in a situation where I had no record label, no booking agency and my band was history. By the end of 2011 I felt our musical resource had been sucked dry. At the same time I was hearing new music and rhythms bubbling under. The muse had returned  See More