Vlad In Tears


Rock Highlights

“My Way” – new Vlad In Tears video for amazing Frank Sinatra metal cover

Photo by Night Site Berlin

Vlad In Tears - Italian/German dark-gothic rock band from Berlin - released their new music video “My Way”, the third one from their new self-titled album “Vlad In Tears”. Amazing unexpected metal cover of legendary “My Way” by Frank Sinatra comes as a greatest gift to all the classic rock lovers. It really needed a faultless intuition for making it - to feel the edge to save the unique charm of the original version and to give it another life with a totally new heavy sound.
Impressive dynamic video is full of space, beauty and… happiness! It means really much that lots of Vlad In Tears fans and friends are part of it as well as their family… all the closest and dearest persons – and that’s just priceless! But wonderful Berlin is still the main part of the video, surely… because everything is amazing about this city – both little moments of intensive everyday life and breathtaking views from the top of the Devil’s Hill…