Just imagine... A schoolboy starts his musical way as a little kid in fact, and now being 16 he’s got a lot of his own stuff created, some experience at different bands including his own one. Then, originally from Glasgow, he signs his first professional contract in Berlin ready to impress the audience with a new single and to fight for his own place at the dark scene of the country famous for its hard rock and gothic music as Germany is. Sounds pretty unbelievable, doesn’t it?.. But that’s true, and that’s about Kieran Robertson.

1. You’re just 16, and you’re into the music for all your life actually... Do you remember your greatest musical impression from early childhood – song, band, concert?..

I remember going to see Iron Maiden when I was really young. I was on my dad’s shoulders the whole time! I remember loving the volume and energy they had on stage. The guitarist actually pointed at me lol. I think it was then I wanted to be a musician.

2. Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? When? Tell about it... What was it inspired by?

Strangely I do remember. The first song I ever wrote was a song called “Infected”. It was about the movie “28 Weeks Later”. It was awful! i was always writing songs. It let me express myself.

3. What instruments do you play and what would you like to? Are you going to learn them later, too?

Do your parents play any instruments?
I play guitar, sing, bass and a little piano. I would love to play more piano but have never had the time to really practice it. My dad plays a little guitar but all of his friends are in bands and in the music scene so always been around instruments.

4. What was your first guitar? It’s like a “first love”, you should remember it for all your life later, right?..

My first guitar was apparently a little acoustic when I was about 4 but I do not remember it. My first real guitar was given to me by my dad’s friend. It was an old beat up Yamaha electric with black tape spelling out “BIG FUCKING NOISE”! my mum made me remove the tape lol! I still have that guitar and never plan to get rid of it. It means quiet a bit to me.

5. Are you going to get a musical education after school?

I have applied for collage to do sound production but what I really want to do is be in a band and perform live.

6. Can you describe your music with one short phrase?

Loud, fast, hard... awesome!

7. Are the lyrics are of the same importance as music for a song in your opinion?

What comes first usually – music or lyrics?
The lyrics are really important to me, all the lyrics I write mean something to me. The lyrics for me are just as important as the song, if you have a great tune with bad lyrics its hard to get a feeling across. It really varies what comes first, sometimes I'm messing around with my guitar and come up with a riff or see something that inspires me and I write lyrics.

8. Do you need a special time and place to catch the inspiration or does it come suddenly no matter where you are?

I get inspiration from things that happen to me, or things that move me. It could be my relationships, other people, how I'm feeling, loads of things. I write best when I'm angry which means I do not have very many happy lyrics.

9. How do you feel when you’re on the stage?

Being on stage is the best feeling ever! There is nothing like it. I get so much energy and feel like I am invincible. I get to let out anything inside me and go crazy. Its almost religious to me, like going to church lol.

10. What are you interested in besides music? What do you like to study at school? Any other hobbies?

I work out, I watch a lot of movies... but music is really the main thing I do. At school I study music, drama, media and English. I enjoy English as it helps me to write lyrics. Mostly when I am at home I write songs or practice.

11. Do you have a lot of friends at school? Don’t you ever feel as a stranger, a freak for your classmates and neighbors?

I have always felt like a bit of an outsider. But I guess everybody feels that way. For a while I didn’t really have many friends, people thought I was weird with my makeup and “scary music”. People seem to be scared of things they don’t understand so end up avoiding it/me. I know there is a lot of kids out there who are like me and dress the same and listen to the same stuff, and nothing gets me more annoyed when people bully someone for being different. I never wanted to be like everybody else. That is why i love Berlin so much, there are more people like me.

12. Do you love animals and do you have any pets at home?

My house is like a zoo! I have a dog, a cat and 2 kittens. We used to have 5 cats but sadly they passed. My dog is called Lemmy after the singer from Motorhead, my cat is called Robin (Batman died) and my kittens are called Manson (after Marilyn Manson) and Tyson (my little brother named that one).

13. You’ve got a huge snake for the last shooting in Berlin – have you been scared a bit to keep it?

Haha snakes are beautiful and terrifying at the same time! When he brought the snake out I was amazing at how big it was. I was trying to act tough in front of my manager and Kris Vlad but I think they both knew I was scared lol! It kept rubbing against my nipple piercing and I was scared it would bite it!

14. What kind of movies do you like? Would you like to write a soundtrack for a movie one day? What a movie could it be?..

That is a great dream of mine to write a movie soundtrack! I love Horror movies and Dramas. Although I love scary movies such as The Exorcist, 30 Days Of Night and Halloween, I also love movies like The Lost Boys, Edward Scissorhands and of course... The Nightmare Before Christmas. John Carpenter and Danny Elfman are my favourite movie composers, i would love to write a soundtrack for a horror movie, one directed by Rob Zombie would be amazing!

15. Now you’re ready with your first single, and that’s a cover song "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew. Why did you choose this song to start your solo career? What other bands covers would you like to play, too?

It’s such a good song with so many different meanings. There is a gothic tone to it which a lot of people miss. I knew it would sound amazing with massive guitars and it does. The lyrics are amazing and I found myself relating to them a lot which helped to get the emotion across. I would love to cover a Manson song, Something By Rammstein would be great too.
16. Who came with the idea for a video for your single?

How did you like the video shooting experience? Tell a little about the most special moments?
My manager Holger actually came up with the idea of being lost in the arms of the city, a young guy lost in Berlin. I loved it immediately. The director Christian got some amazing shots and seeing it get pieced together was amazing! I loved the fact that I got to see all the sites in Berlin and especially found the wall really cool. Apart from that it was unbelievably freezing... it was a lot of fun.
17. The way to the top for a professional musician that’s always a way of successes and challenges both… Are you ready for both? How do you think what the main features should an artist get to fix all the following problems and to not catch a “star disease”, on the other side?

I am always ready for a challenge. If its challenging i work harder. I don’t like it when bands get to narcissistic. I never understand paying to meet bands, if someone wants to meet me we can have a chat, people are all just humans, we are all just people. All of the musicians I have met so far have been lovely.

18. Are you rather a dreamer or a hard worker when it comes to music?

Hard worker for sure. I find myself overworking and my parents telling me to take it easy. I go crazy if I’m not working. I work in a guitar shop as well to keep myself occupied just so I am doing something musical. I always want the show to be the best it can be, the songs to be the best it can be and everything to be amazing. I guess I’m a perfectionist.

19. What is your best habit? Worst trait? What can make you cry?..

I think my best and worst trait is the same that I am always myself. It’s great in that i have very strong self belief and self motivation, but it’s bad because some people don’t like it. I can get emotional at a lot of things, nothing really that brings me to tears. Finding out I have no Nutella when I get home maybe lol.

20. If you can be another person for one day who would it be?

Paul Stanley. Just to say “I’m Paul Stanley”

21. Can you imagine yourself as an artist in 5 years? Let’s try…) What goals would you like to reach?

I can surely see my self doing this in 5 years. Hopefully still doing this in 20 years! I will be putting on the makeup over my wrinkles lol! I would love to be touring the world and recording.

22. Finish the sentence: Music for you is…

Music for me is EVERYTHING.

Interview by Olga Burlaka @ Lviv Rock Highlights

Photo by Jörg Fischer
Photo by Jörg Fischer
Photos by Ronny Zeisberg / Wieglas-fotografie